Sunday, May 3, 2009

orc comparison

got my dark alliance orcs in yesterday. made a quick comparison photo of them. from left to right caesar, dark alliance, metal blood dawn 15mm orc


  1. Thanks for the very helpful picture. I'll be getting the caesars orcs soon and later the dark alliance orc if my supplier carries the line.

  2. Jack,
    I thought it was a novel idea to do "warhammer on the cheap" and have ordered a ton of Caesar Orcs and various Renaissance troops matching the Empire. Nicely done! Have you gamed Warhammer at 1:72??

  3. steve, i still have to paint the 2 armies before I can play with somebody. nobody else is gaming in 1:72 (yet) in my neighborhood.
    I often have played warhammer and warmaster with the original miniatures

  4. Hey Jack, come to think of it, I wouldnt mind mixing all three orcs for a more varied kinda unit. How many figures does the dark alliance orcs have per box?

  5. there are 5 sprues with each 9 figures, total 45.