Saturday, October 17, 2009

Space Orks !!!

space orks, having the idee a long time, finaly made some examples. 40K/epic orks in 1/72 scale. Caesar's orcs with weapons from a box valiant germans I bought ones, but thought they where to big in comparison with other 1/72 stuff. the weapons will now be in service of the mighty ork horde. looking forward in converting some ww2 tanks into orks warmachine. have to look in some old white dwarfs to get some inspiration. the last picture is a comparison with his larger original games workshop (big)brother


  1. That's a really clever and original idea.

    I have those Valiant figures too, but once I saw how they would never fit in with my existing collection of 1/72 figures, they were consigned to the "mayber sometime in the future" drawer.

    Now they may have a use sooner than I imagined.


  2. Slightly heretical for the WW2 fraternity perhaps but I have to say I like the ingenuity of the idea

  3. That's a really good idea. I especially like the Orc with the German helmet. Weird War 2, perchance?


  4. Very cool looking figures!