Saturday, November 28, 2009

the romans

For all those who thought it was a little bit to quiet... I was busy painting some romans.
Mostly zvezda's (my favourite brand) but with some Hät scorpio's. Officially not a part of the republican roman armylist, but just couldn't resist to put some shooting power in the roman army. They going to need it against the elephants. this is just the start. Intent to paint at least the triple amount...


  1. These look very nice. I have a huge stock pile of Hat Romans, but I never did buy the Zvezda set. So, I'm glad to see your painted models.

  2. Hi Jack,

    I'm getting into painting plastics now and wondered how you prepare them to stop the paint flaking off?

  3. I spraypaint them first with a plastic primer.
    I use a brand called Motip the only one available in my local DIY store. Then I spray them white with GW skullwhite. Paint them with GW acryl paint. then paint them (not dipping) over with warpainter's strongtone. After a night drying I spray them with warpainter's dull-coat (matt clear varnish). that's it.
    no paints flake off. they are even better in paint holding then my metal miniatures...