Monday, October 18, 2010

and the rhino (digital version)

and the rhino to transport my marines. The cad-model it is. just have to 3d-print it and make a mould... sometime in the future.. soon. to be continued!


  1. Hi!
    I just found your blog!
    You are dealing with some very interesting projects!
    I noticed that you design your models *steam tank) and you outsource them to a company who produces them for you.
    I am interested in making 20mm Normandy buldings. Could you please tell me how much the steam tank cost you?
    I am only asking to see whether it is financially viable to me to do it.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. the cost for a model depends very much by the amount of material you use. my steam tank was about $75 but had much bulk(much material).
    you can make a account on and upload your models, then you can see the costs.
    the best would be to make all the walls seperate and then assemble them (perhaps making them interchangeable).
    was thinking doing that for some empire themed buildings


  3. In BLUE?? Ha, nice. Brave and original idea, my friend. Well done