Tuesday, November 22, 2011

warmaster ancient game

we did our first warmaster ancient game this weekend, romans against carthaginians. it was great fun, although we should have done a better job in reading the rules !!! at the end it was a victory for the romans, (more thanks to their god of luck, than by tactics...hahaha, sorry Matthijs).


  1. Looks great! Questions - are the bases MDF or card? What size are the infantry and elephant bases respectively? I'm just starting out with 20mm plastic gaming and am so set on 15mm sizing that I can't settle on a "standard" base size for the 20s. Thanks, Ric

  2. the base sizes are all 50x30 mm. normal warmaster bases are 40x20, so it would be better if the bases where 50x25. But then I had some problem with the depth of cavalry and with basing chariots (and elephants!). the bases are made from 2mm polystirene (a easy to cut plastic)
    greetings, jack

  3. Great looking units there Jack.

    I use standard DBx 25mm basing for my Warmaster Ancients - 60mm by, well, the heavy infantry are 20mm thick, lights 30mm. Cav 60 by 40, elephants and chariots 60 by 80. Command stands 30 by 30.