Monday, January 23, 2012

another wargame

we had another wargame this weekend, again the romans against hanibal and his elephants. (still learning the warmaster ancients rules !!)

The roman clash with the carthaginian in the centre

the battlefield, on the carthaginian left flank, hidden by the trees, 4 units numidian horse and 3 units barbarian infantry threatend the roman right flank !!!

after destroying the roman heavy cavalry and some roman legionairs, the carthaginian elephants get surrounded.

again the roman won, but only by killing the carthaginian general. all together it was a real thight game, with lot of destroyed units on both sides...


  1. Great figures, great rules. Game on!


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  3. What are the differences between these rules and WAB? Have you played both? Would you reccomend Warmaster?

  4. warmaster is more tactical then WAB. with WAB (and WF) we also had the impression that you setup the armies, move straight forward, with not much manouvering, to get into battle as soon as possible. break the enemy and it's over. We had lots of fun playing warhammer (fantasy) but warmaster is more fun. giving multiple orders to units, or sometimes fail to give no orders at all...just give it a try!!