Monday, April 27, 2009


my first empire regiment. zvezda's pikemen


here some tyranids, they are from the starcraft boardgame, i think they are perfect in size for 20mm tyranids

Saturday, April 25, 2009

dark alliance orcs

just ordered some of these, should be interesting

my workbench

just a look at my workbench, as you can see, enough to paint jet...
also some unpainted goblin chariots and some undead


finaly something to show to you. I'm working at the moment at my 20mm orcs and goblins army based for warmaster. Mostly they are caesars plastics, but there are some metals amongst them. The wolves an boars are from the 15mm blooddawn range. I think they are a perfect match to my ceasar orcs. The hero's are miniknight metals (also from caesar) and the wyvern and trolls are from splinterd light. the rocklobber is scratchbuild.

hope to show you more soon