Sunday, February 26, 2012

my first mould

made my first mould! needed some more howda's for my undead elephants. and just buying a couple of boxes just for the howda's seems a little bit too much. so why not try to cast them. Not to bad for a first attempt... I know, it is not legal to make copies!! I promise that my next mould will be from one off my own designs. (or perhaps that GW leman russ battletank in 20mm...wha, wha, wha, (evil laughing))
an skeleton elephant with a self-cast howdacomparison between the original and the copy

the mould

Saturday, February 18, 2012

more undead knights and a general

just a little break from painting french napoleonics. (7 infantry units so far!) these undead knights stood, half painted, for a couple of months on my desk. finaly finished them, together with a undead general and his winged nightmare mount (splintered light miniatures).