Saturday, April 25, 2009

dark alliance orcs

just ordered some of these, should be interesting


  1. Looking forward to seeing these myself. Do you suppose they will make a good set for Uruk-Hai? Theyr emind me of the Rebel Minis bag of Orcs...also 20mm 1/72.

  2. Where did you buy these? They are a very nice alternative to Caesar's savage fur-pants orcs.

  3. i have bought mine from always models, see link below. very friendly
    guy, you can ask to send the minis without boxes to save postal.

    got mine in yesterday. they look realy nice, more lotr feel to it. I want to use them as black orcs, but they are a bit smaller compared to caesars...

    link to always models, his ebay shop is more up to date, but you can always mail him for any details