Saturday, April 25, 2009


finaly something to show to you. I'm working at the moment at my 20mm orcs and goblins army based for warmaster. Mostly they are caesars plastics, but there are some metals amongst them. The wolves an boars are from the 15mm blooddawn range. I think they are a perfect match to my ceasar orcs. The hero's are miniknight metals (also from caesar) and the wyvern and trolls are from splinterd light. the rocklobber is scratchbuild.

hope to show you more soon


  1. Check out Goblin Factory for more Goblin types. I compared them to an Airfix Robin Hood archer (1/72) and they are just about perfect for Goblins/Orcs in the range.

  2. Nice blog! I look forward to following your projects. The Caesar fantasy models are so nice, they've been calling me for a while. I finally painted some of the Goblins (on my blog). Their plastic is very easy to cut and glue, don't you think?

  3. john, those goblinfactory look nice indeed. but i haven still some boxes with caesars goblins to finish...
    the caesar plastic is indeed easy to handle. the only downside is that sometimes the spears and poles are somewhat bendet and difficult to straighten.

  4. Hi,

    Brilliant work with your Orcs. I started mine about 12 years ago using Esci Romans painted green, as suggested by an old Practical Wargamer article! And lets face it, in the early '90s, there wasn't much plastic to go around! I only got round to re basing them and finishing enough for 2 DBA/ Hot armies recently. Life gets in the way...

    Got to admit, these look much cooler!

    Nick Grant

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