Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my workbench

just a quick message to show you what I'm working at. painting empire pistoliers. they are zvezda's russian napoleonic currasiers with pikemen headswap. the 2 shooting figures are from the french knights box (also zvezda) with also their heads swapt. cannons are also from zvezda. the general is from the french knights box with a fancy hat from the pikemen. don't ask me about the dog. I have that model since my highschool time (believe me, that's a long time ago)


  1. How do you do your head swaps? The dog is a brilliant addition. Lends a lot to the flavor.

  2. just cut them with a sharp knife and glue them in place, just tha easy

  3. What kind of glue are you using to attach the heads? How well does it hold up to handling?