Wednesday, December 15, 2010


some ogres for the orcs and goblins... splintered light miniatures. very big heads,but i guess that is also very ogre-like


  1. Isn´t it written in the book of blue oracles by Twincy black (1231 till quarter past 8 in the evening)the following, "and ye! did the troll have a head of a size not befitting to his body" ? Well I´m sure I must have read that or made it of the two :-)
    I like them...they are 20mm ?

  2. They are indeed very Ogre-like and slightly different o the sort of Ogres I'm used to seeing (ie mainly GW).

    I like them a lot, what scale are they ? Did you sculpt them yourself or buy them ?

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed my visit and will be back.

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  3. sigmar,they are from
    and are from their 18mm line. I think they fit perfectly with ceasars orcs.I will post a photo with them next to the orcs soon