Friday, November 23, 2012

wierd ww2 walker

as a big fan of wierd ww2 stuff, I always wondered why there are almost no miniatures in 20mm, with so many other ww2 stuff in our scale. I realy love the minis from Dust Tactics, just the wrong scale. The solution? making my own. The legs are 3d printed, the top is from an old matchbox kit.
what do you think? going to paint it this weekend.


  1. I really like it. Perhaps there is a company out there who will produce this as I am sure your not alone. I for one yould use something like this for my near future stuff. Though not right now as I am going through a change in era.

    nice job and its good to see it in 20mm. infact the only wierd war2 stuff I found is from CP models

  2. Very very cool. Perhaps a tanker/pilot sticking his head out the top? Did you have the legs printed special like?

  3. 3D printed? Blimey, that is hardcore...nice work ;)

  4. Nick, there is a guy in there, doesn't show well, the legs were drawn in a cad programm by myself and then printed with a 3d printer by shapeways

    1. Excellent! These legs you've had printed, are they available through Shapeways? I had a quick look, but couldn't see them.

  5. Hi Jack, I've just given you a Leibster Blog award.

    Your challenge, should you accept it, is to award five other blogs for the same.

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