Wednesday, January 15, 2014


got my steambike printed by shapeways. gave it a quick white undercoat. what do you think?


  1. That is really really cool! Did it come out with sufficient detail for your liking? (And will you be making them available for the rest of us?! :-) )

  2. @ Nick. I have to work on the design a little bit, as it turns out the seat is a little bit to low to allow a Hät cavalry miniature to sit in it. then again I like the low-rider look. Perhaps I can change the position of the Hät miniature legs. The detail is oke, not as crisp as a mini from GW but for me it looks acceptable. I printed it in Frosted ultra detail material and it would cost about 12 euro, don't know if there is a market for it, but I can make it available in a shapeway shop

  3. I like it. I would buy some in a 15mm scale. Just saying...