Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A new toy.

My new toy arrived today. It is a Elegoo Saturn 3d printer. It has a bigger print area and is faster then my beloved Anycubic Photon. Here they stand happely next to each other. Have to do some propper cable management, but I couldn't wait to get printing


  1. Envious! I was looking at a saturn for a while but it seems like it's pretty hard to find any stock. I eventually broke down and ordered a different machine....

    1. I also had that feeling. Ordered mine on 3djake.nl. I got it 3-4 weeks after ordering. Sooner then expected. What kind of printer did you buy?

  2. I saw it briefly on amazon one day and was waiting for my paycheque before I bought it. Still kicking myself as it disappeared *fast*, and seems to be perpetually out of stock.

    I ordered (but haven't received yet) the creality ld-006. Similar size and performance (I hope).