Sunday, March 7, 2021


 just wanted to show you my basing system. I wanted to base my miniatures on individual bases and prefered round bases. Just because I like the look of round bases and individual because I want to use the mini's in games like mordheim, frostgrave or Onepagerules skirmish. But I also like to play games with regiments like Kings of War and offcourse Onepagerules Fantasy Regiments. So I needed a way to move my mini's easy in regiments. The concept of moving trays exist longer. The problem with these standards trays is that in 20mm the miniatures are a lot fiddly and tend to fall over. My solution is to make moving trays with magnets in them. You can get these magnets on wish or aliexpress very cheap. A couple of hundreds for 5-6 euro's. I used 3mm magnets, 1mm thick and designed and printed my own moving trays. Very happy with the result 

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