Friday, March 12, 2021

which army next?

although I have still a lot of goblins to paint, I'm already thinking of a new army. It will probably be a army of the sand, also known as Tomb Kings. Made a test print and painted it. what do you think of the color scheme?


  1. looks great but I think it is Philtep, suprem scribe and Master of 1:72 of reanimated Mummies who will value better than me

  2. I like this color scheme a lot! You can feel a sandstorm approaching behind that guy, and hear the evil laugh of some sort of crazy scribe :D
    I guess you have other figures to display soon... giant scorpions, undead war chariot ?
    And thank you Sceavus for this new title, sounds good (or evil) :D

  3. Sure thing, more to follow soon I am looking forward to printing and painting the skeleton giant! But first some goblins to do....