Thursday, March 18, 2021

Goblin army (so far)

This is the Goblin army so far. Still have a lot of miniatures on the workbench to paint. But I think this allready looks like a fighting force.


  1. Waow... I remember that you are not the sort of guy to paint only a few figs for an army... a real fihting force, indeed :)
    I particularly like the the giant ;-)
    What ruleset do you use in your games ?

  2. Hi and thnx. I use the onepagerules fanrasy regiment rules. Realy nice fastplay ruleset, and for free!!! You should look at their webpage. I also have the King of War rules.

    1. I'm playing with KoW too, I like it much more than Warhammer. I'll have a look at onepagerules, thanks for the info.

  3. Great Army Jack!!! Indeed you can be Proud of you home-made Horde!

    I have a printed KOW rulebook..but never read It! I should hace a look